The Slow-Cooked Sentence

The numbers tell the story

Rachael Conlin Levy

Courtesy of nataliej.

Many years ago, I sat in an obstetrician’s office and feared I was miscarrying. My husband stood near me as we waited for the ultrasound’s results.”Everything looks good,” the doctor said.

I cried.

“In fact, I probably should be congratulating you. There are two embryos; you’re having twins.”

I cried harder.

“That’s good news, isn’t it?” the doctor asked.

I laughed and cried at the same time.

“I don’t know,” I admitted.

Months later, I walked into the hospital 38 weeks pregnant, dilated to 10. My husband was again at my side as we waited for an ultrasound to tell us whether our breached babies had shifted. But before I could get the news, my water broke, a tiny foot was felt and an emergency cesarean performed.

Seconds before I slipped under the anesthesia, I asked that pictures be taken. While unconscious, my first son, Samuel, was born. One minute later, my second son, Max, arrived. An hour or so passed and I woke.

“Bring me my babies,” I demanded.

As I held them in my arms, I smiled through my tears.

This past week, we celebrated their ninth birthdays.


exhausted mother

birthday cakes baked
legged races
burlap bags used for sack races

sack race
Max leaps.

pounds of chicken wings
Lego sets
minutes of ABBA danced around musical chairs

musical chairs
Sam shares a chair.

whacks at the pinata
years on this earth
p.m. and the kitchen was clean again
year-old girls are great helpers
deviled eggs
bottles of bubbles
children celebrate with us.

three-legged race

3 responses to “The numbers tell the story”

  1. Beautiful! I have newly-minted nine and seven-year-old boys. Every day I am astounded by it all.

  2. boatx2 says:

    A story by number.

    No better way to recount a life. ^_^

    I think I would be just as beside myself after such news; at the question "That's good news, isn't it?"

    Your boys are great and they look mighty good at three-legged races.

  3. Well, my kids came home and couldn't stop talking about the fun they had and they especially loved the cakes! xo Kyndale

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