The Slow-Cooked Sentence

Words are my sustenance


“Art is a form of nourishment,” Susan Sontang, 1964.

Hello. My name is Rachael Conlin Levy, and words are my sustenance. As a former newspaper reporter, I like to ask questions, challenge assumptions, and draw connections. As a reader and writer, I like the shape and sound and taste of sentences. This blog is where thoughts simmer like soup on the stove; delicious results come with time and salt.

The Slow-Cooked Sentence is a place of self-discovery. Guided by literature, science, art, philosophy, politics, culture, philosophy, and religion, I write my way toward understanding myself and the world. My work has appeared in Harper’s Magazine, The Christian Science Monitor, The Las Vegas Sun, Kindred, and elsewhere.


This blog began in 2007 as a labor of love, born in response to the inverse relationship between mothering and writing–more to write about, less time to write. Today The Slow-Cooked Sentence continues to be a place gritty with reality, a place where risks were taken, a place of nourishment. Welcome to my table.


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