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Tangled time

Rachael Conlin Levy

I’m unwinding from a whirlwind, house-hunting trip to Seattle, where the rental market is so hot houses are snapped up as I deliberate on the door step. It made me want to cry. It made me want to laugh hysterically. Instead, I pulled out my knitting needles and jabbed it into yarn, fiercely adding inches as we drove off in search of the next address.

Courtesy of NapaneeGal.

Overheard between a mother and daughter at a playground in Seattle:

Mom: What side of the teeter-totter do you want?

Girl: I want the sunny side.

Courtesy of Claudio.Ar (not too much online).

I’m like a cat that wants to sit in puddles of warm light and sleep, so each time I entered a rental I had to get my bearings in order to measure the sunshine levels. My dream house faces south and has a kitchen with morning light, but I fear it doesn’t exist in Seattle. At least not on my budget.

4 responses to “Tangled time”

  1. Lots of exciting change ahead. We're in the same process. Please keep us posted.

  2. boatx2 says:


    Omagash, I'm so glad (and equally embarrassed) that you found me on the blog world again!

    It seems like legitimate blogging is for writers and researchers and collectors of things. And your blog I consider one of those great, legitimate ones. ^_^

    Sometimes I feel part shamed of my interest in crafting skill and its intersection w/ race + ethics (more ethics than race, since the former is so hard to dig up) because, who does that? Kind of geeky and fringe. Sometimes, I still feel unsure about my decision to turn my blog into nichedom.

    –Like it's this weird, crazy relative I don't actually like to talk about or introduce to anybody because their my family but it can't be helped.

    But I still read yours and am so happy you stopped by! I hope all is well with you and your family ^_^

  3. Heather G says:

    Hey, is that sweater the little red one that was Alex's, then Anna's? It looks a little familiar. My mom knit that, if that's the one.

    Remember, one step at a time. Just keep moving through it. Don't think too much about the whole process, just focus on the next step. You will find a new house, and you will bring your love and make your family's home.
    The ultimate force field – your love.

  4. Rachael Levy says:

    Yep, that's the same sweater; Ivan loves it.

    Thanks for the encouragement, everyone!


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