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Saving the farm

Rachael Conlin Levy

“MarketFallout” by bepop717.

My street bristles with signs — a short sale, an estate sale and a foreclosure — all in a row just east of my home. If this were Monopoly, you’d buy the set and put a hotel on the properties, but this ain’t no game. Everyone on the block is watching these homes, checking out the prices on Zillow and wincing as our castles crumble. (My Zip Code area had the second-highest decline in value according to a Reno Gazette-Journal comparison between housing values in 2005 and 2009.) When I play make-believe, my monopoly isn’t a row of rentals nor a hotel, but a little bit of suburban anarchy. I’d buy all three houses, raze the buildings, and expand my yard to include a flock of chickens and maybe a goat.

Photo courtesy of Pingu1963.

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  1. i saw that! I would be dreaming of the same thing. that would be very cool!

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