The Slow-Cooked Sentence

First summer soup

Rachael Conlin Levy
Photos courtesy of Dance in the Kitchen.

With three pounds of cherries pitted using a paper clip, I made cherry brown butter bars that were a hit at our backyard barbecue (three people asked for the recipe), and a soup that never made it into the bowl. Here’s why:

I gave my love a cherry
That had no stone
Steeped in a broth of chicken
That had no bone
I added sugar, salt and pepper
And simmered it on the stove
I called the soup supper
For my love

How was that soup of cherry and chicken broth?
My love took a sip and began to cough
He spat into the sink and cried
It tastes of dirty socks
You’re right, I answered

Let’s order pizza from Black Rock.

What’s NOT in the bowl:

Cherry soup reaction

Cherry soup adapted from Chez Panisse Fruit by Alice Waters.

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