The Slow-Cooked Sentence

Max, unedited

Rachael Conlin Levy
“It takes a long time to grow up,” courtesy of nattu.

Today I’m featuring a poem written by Max. It was found among a bunch of crumpled math papers.

I am Strong and Fast

I wonder how there are boys and girls.
I hear laughter.
I see the waves of the ocean.
I want to go to San Francisco again
and see the glimmering lights of the city.
I am strong and fast.

I pretend I’m a wrestler.
I feel happy.
I touch the stars.
I worry about my grades.
I cry when there’s a sad part in a movie.

I am strong and fast.

I understand crying.
I say no more wars.
I dream of swimming.
I try to keep my grades high.
hope I get a torpedo on my R.C. sub.

I am strong and fast.

2 responses to “Max, unedited”

  1. Jammer says:

    I love it. He has a future as a poet, if he chooses. 🙂

  2. mamapease says:

    So deep and beautiful. Thank you Max!!

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