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When life throws you a curve ball

Rachael Conlin Levy
Photo courtesy of University of Wisconsin, Madison

I’m three weeks into a blogging habit and my tender new routine is in danger. What threat is hurtling toward me and my computer? Summer. Specifically, summer with kids.

I’m trying to figure how to replace the regularly scheduled program with a new routine, one that will still permit me the space and time to think and write. Now, my thinking happens as I walk them to school in the morning: The straight shot from house to school, right foot in front of left, baby lulled to sleep by the motion, so that when I return, my mind is quiet and ready to pour thoughts on to page. But on Thursday it all ends, and I’m lobbed a curve ball of warm, round summer days that melt into one another.

I don’t want to strike out.

In response to Sunday Scribbling‘s prompt: Curve.

One response to “When life throws you a curve ball”

  1. mochiv says:

    Don’t strike out! I love your blog!

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