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Six signs of spring (break)

Rachael Conlin Levy

The dishwasher runs twice daily.

Rhubarb has sprouted in the piles of manure and mulch.

The ground is dry enough and the sun warm enough that I napped outside as kids played.

Everything is clipped: lawn, raspberry bushes and four heads of hair.

Backpacks haven’t moved from the corners where they were dropped.

Mornings are quiet, filled only with the sounds of Marcel preparing for work and me, writing.


I’m anticipating the season’s first rhubarb soda and the return of the school week. What are you eagerly awaiting?

7 responses to “Six signs of spring (break)”

  1. kyndale says:

    I got three bags of soil to add to the garden! I need to plant the snap peas. But, I’m just really looking forward to SUMMER!!!


  2. The rhubarb is a wonderful thing to have volunteer, isn’t it. What a bonus. And I know what you mean about the quiet early morning, even though I have just the one child!

    Eagerly-awaiting-wise…oh, just a still moment. A day I don’t have to drive anybody anywhere.

  3. Andrea says:

    Am loving two bonus days of sunshine and laundry catch-up courtesy of feverish child. I’m looking forward to, while not work, exactly, but some time free of refereeing fights. Also eagerly awaiting next weekend starting ahead of the laundry and housework game (one can hope). Hmm…I just realized that makes me sound very boring. My excuse is that rhubarb comes later in the season here.

  4. Anything rhubarb related intrigues me. I just found my first stalks of the season and was very excited. You are lucky to grow your very own.

    We will have a little garden space beginning June 1st and I am eagerly awaiting pushing some seeds into that soil. It’s been too long.

  5. Beth says:

    I’ve been wanting to plant rhubarb for over a year now and this is the year! Thanks for the rhubarb soda idea- and the post about Mary Robison was intriguing.

  6. Rachael says:

    Kyndale, enjoy your day in the dirt!

    Christina, it’s crazy but I find myself scheduling in days where we just stay home.

    Andrea, I hope your little one feels better soon.

    Denise, I made rhubarb-grapefruit jam today that tastes like a bright morning.

    Beth, Robison’s book was an interesting (and unfinished) read. I enjoyed it, but never got invested in the character. I guess this is a weakness in loose plots, for I put it down and never thought to pick it up again.

  7. Margie says:

    Rhubarb from the garden–the thought of it rolls around on my tongue and begins to taste like my mother’s rhubarb custard pie. Nothing like MMMM

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