The Slow-Cooked Sentence

Similarities between boy and bug

Rachael Conlin Levy

Wings spread,

wobbling on air,

they start, dart, stop, drop, then

smack wall. Unicyclists,

just hatched.


Ivan and viola, 2011.

I check my watch — 5:08 p.m. — a respectable time to open the bottle and pour a glass of spring that tastes of mangoes and grass, is filled with the flutter of Mayflies and of bruised twilight. The bridge of my foot aches from having a wooden stool tossed on it, the outrage manifested during the daily tantrum that proceeds the nap. My 3-year-old screamed for 15 minutes straight. He threw himself on the ground, arched his back like a comma and thrashed back and forth like the grubs I unearthed as we planted flowers earlier in the day. Look, I commanded, and pointed to a bug no bigger than my eyelash, and watched as it jerked about, then rolled itself into a moldy spiral bun. Exhausted, maybe. My own grub, worn out by his exertions, drew a ragged breath and curled into my arms, heavy and spent. I question whether the tantrum is worth the 45-minute nap. I know it is worth the glass of wine.

5 responses to “Similarities between boy and bug”

  1. anno says:

    I know it is worth the glass of wine.

    And possibly another…

    For Unicyclists,/ just hatched, , many thanks.

  2. Andrea says:

    I love this: “Unicyclists,/just hatched”

    Ugh, I remember those days…we all gave up on naps very early (well before 3…you’re doing well!)

  3. Rachael says:

    Anno, you are welcome. The next time I watch my 9-year-olds at unicycling club, I must bring my camera. Thirty-five children tottering about on single wheels is quite a sight.

  4. kyndale says:

    I remember those days with Eli. It’s painful to remember. We used to drive out to the burro rescue towards Pyramid every day. I just needed a little peace and quiet. That drive gave it to me for 45 minutes. The money I spent on gas was worth it but maybe I just needed to open up a bottle of wine!?

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