The Slow-Cooked Sentence


Rachael Conlin Levy
Vintage postcard of “winter sports near Reno, Nevada.”

We took our family sledding at the foot of Mount Rose this past weekend. Again and again, we hiked up the hill, and screamed and whooped our way down it. Our sleds careened into willows, bounced over berms and sent us flying. Some quick thinking kept one son from hitting a tree, and some quick steering kept another from crashing into a giant snowball, but our list of injuries is evidence of how hard we played:

One bruised elbow.
One fat lip.
Two welts on two cheeks.
Some bruised ribs.
One sore neck.
Two bonked heads.

If you dare to challenge the mountains on your own sleds, I suggest you bring a can of Sterno and the ingredients for s’mores. They’re delicious in the snow.

2 responses to “Ouch!”

  1. mochiv says:

    who designed your new title?? i like it.

  2. Rachael Levy says:

    I designed it and thanks!

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