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30 things to love + poem

Rachael Conlin Levy
The Slow-Cooked Sentence is focusing on my family’s summer vacation on the East Coast for the next three Wednesdays, and today features a guest post by my daughter, Chaja.

Chaja with sand

Photos by Dance in the Kitchen.
Thirty Things to Love about New Jersey
By Chaja Levy
  1. Sandy beaches
  2. Cousins
  3. Low tide
  4. Avalon Freeze
  5. Smooth rocks
  6. Shells
  7. Sandcastles
  8. Boogie boards
  9. Bathing suits
  10. Jersey corn
  11. Miniature golfing
  12. Family
  13. Rafts
  14. Bay
  15. Marsh
  16. Birds
  17. Sand in my bed
  18. Eight-seater bike
  19. Board walk
  20. Carmen’s Seafood Restaurant
  21. Carnival
  22. Carousel
  23. Salty
  24. Red eyes
  25. Crab traps
  26. Fishing
  27. Catching a sand shark
  28. “Minnies” (minnows used for bait)
  29. Flounder
  30. Waves

And the list inspired her to write this cinquain:

By Chaja Levy

there for the tide
to wash them out to sea,
clams close their shells tight and stick out
their thumbs.

2 responses to “30 things to love + poem”

  1. kyndale says:

    Very cool Chaja!! What a long list. It must have been a great trip. I would like to hear the story about the sand shark!! A great poem too.

  2. Kyna says:

    I like your poem Chaja.

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