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Tomato seeds

Rachael Conlin Levy
“Tomato” courtesy of eqqman.

More words on the broad subject of tomatoes:

A New York Times article investigates whether the tomato plant — a member of the poisonous nightshade family — is edible, plus a leafy tomato sauce recipe. (Thanks to my sister Kyna for the heads-up.)

Then check out “The night my world caved in” at Blog Nosh, which is a round-up of great blog writing. This essay, written by Dawn Friedman of this woman’s work, takes on the issue of body image. I liked it.

And finally, a small fact, which I wanted to include in “Summer flesh,” but couldn’t make it fit, but now I can. … The U.S. Supreme Court weighed in on the debate over whether the tomato is a vegetable or fruit. In 1893, it ruled it a vegetable, despite the plant’s ovaries, because it’s generally served with dinner, not dessert.

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