The Slow-Cooked Sentence

A flight of fancy

Rachael Conlin Levy

Hi, he said. Or maybe it was, Wanna play? But more than likely it was a simple, straight forward, Let’s be friends. Then off he ran with my small son in pursuit. Up the ladder, across the bridge, down the slide. His hair was cropped short enough for his scalp to glow through the fuzz. When he ran, his legs and feet went in different directions, while his right arm spun in giant circles like a propeller. Around and around went the arm, around and around he went across the playground. I watched and wished I could wind myself up so easily.

3 responses to “A flight of fancy”

  1. Makes me want to do one of those twirls in the grass, round and round, until you’re so dizzy you fall down.

  2. anno says:

    For kids, the winding-up and winding-down seem to go together. And yeah, sure wish either one still came as easily.

  3. gracia says:

    Echoing Denise above, it makes me want to make myself spin until dizzy too.

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