The Slow-Cooked Sentence


Rachael Conlin Levy




A week of snow, of broken routines and sledding before sunrise. Of early nights, and being surprised that I’m hooked by the space western Firefly. Drinking The Duke’s Hot Chocolate with pepper and all spice, as snowmen infiltrate the backyard. Learning to identify the Bewick’s wren, black-capped chickadee, gray-headed junco, and red-shafted flicker at the bird feeders. Wishing I could do this.

6 responses to “Noncompliance”

  1. Coral says:

    I LOVE Firefly – great show! Glad you guys are enjoying the snow. 🙂 That Hot Chocolate looks amazing.

  2. Andrea says:

    At first I read “Learning to identify with Bewick’s wren…” and now I’m wondering what it would mean to identify with a songbird. Love the boy in swim trunks and boots in the snow. The bird-man picture scares me. I love that pile of beautiful quilts (plus beautiful child). Is your couch draped with a quilt, or is it actually upholstered in quilt?

  3. kyndale says:

    Wow, that’s a lot of snow. I’m jealous!

  4. Beth says:

    What a wonderful day! No wonder he was tired.

  5. Rachael says:

    Andrea, the couch is upholstered with fabric that is similar to a quilt. It reminds me of Klimt.

  6. You are really enjoying January. Fabulous! Spicy hot chocolate is in my near future. And flying, yes…

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