The Slow-Cooked Sentence


Rachael Conlin Levy
Image courtesy of Chris Silas Neal.

What’s a gal to do who has sworn off store-bought tomatoes, but who’s own small plants are maybe two months away from offering up their first fruit, gloriously red and warm when plucked off the vine? I count the blossoms, longingly press my nose against the fuzzy leaves and inhale their perfume.

Backyard tomatoes are as local as one can get, and the new links in the right-hand column are local, if a bit more broadly defined. I start with the image above by Chris Silas Neal, who’s not a local artist but whose poster (inspired by Great Depression-era art) is free to post locally, and then I riff from there … a song, a birth, a lemony kiss, a free wheeling moment, a backyard bird … local links I love and local loves that are linked. Each of them a tiny yellow flower filled with juicy promise. Go ahead, take a bite.

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