The Slow-Cooked Sentence

How do you like your coffee?

Rachael Conlin Levy

“Coffee and Beignets” courtesy of navycrackerjack74.

Leave room in my cup for cream and space in my posts for pictures.

I appreciate your comments and shape The Slow-Cooked Sentence in response to them, so will continue serving up illustrated words. Pictures “magnetize the eye to the page and create an atmosphere for the rest of the piece,” according to Skelliewag. The site, dedicated to helping freelancers, bloggers and entrepreneurs excel at what they do, has an excellent article on how to find great images for free.

Unless my images are self-generated, I find almost all of them through Flickr’s Creative Commons page or Compfight, a Flickr search tool. All legally mine to use. All free.


And while on the topic of the connection between word and picture, you must check out this amazing puppet show told in 35 photos. Really. You must. It’s at The Big Picture.

Have a happy weekend. I’ll see you Monday, coffee in hand.

One response to “How do you like your coffee?”

  1. The puppet show is so amazing. Thank you! They look so real!


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