The Slow-Cooked Sentence


Rachael Conlin Levy

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Discovering this video dredged up memories from college, and among the most vivid are my inky nights spent at the student newspaper. The Sagebrush offices were tucked into a dingy corner of the student union and served as the unofficial home to a rag-tag crew of students who agonized over AP style, memorized headline font sizes, and challenged authority for amusement.

It was just my cup of tea. (Er, though back then it was probably a wine cooler.)

I spent hours there pasting up pages, learning how to use a PMT machine and falling in love. Marcel wooed me from behind a Mac SE/30. He was a ceramics major at the time, skinny with big hair, rode a bike all around campus, and wore funky button-down shirts. While the skills I worked so hard to learn are now antiquated, and Marcel has lost the hair and funky shirts, he’s still my No. 1 super-guy.

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