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Fashion, part one

Rachael Conlin Levy
The upscale mall in town, The Summit, sponsored a camp for girls, ages 6 to 16, this summer. The whole concept — a day-camp destination for children interested in shopping, accessorizing, make-up, decorating and entertaining — has been sitting like a tiny pebble in my Birkenstocks since I first spotted the advertisement. I finally figured out how to write about it:

The mall’s calling all girls to camp
to teach them to twitter and vamp.
Gloss lips.
Swish hips.
Individuality replaced with a stamp.


A summer camp of fashion and glitter.
Send my daughter? Naw, I’d rather hit ‘er.
The hairs on my head
stand up in dread,
as feminism goes to the shitter.

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4 responses to “Fashion, part one”

  1. linda may says:

    That is really terrible, forcing styled commercialism on the kids.Tasteless advertising styled to get more of your hard earned dollars via your kids. I hate that they do stuff like that.

  2. paisley says:

    good for you… the very thought of that makes me cringe much like that idiotic “what not to wear” TLC saw fit to broadcast!!!!

  3. Melody says:

    Wow, as young as 6? That is terrible. Teenage girls are going to get into that stuff soon enough but to glamorize it like this is asking for an emotional disaster for these girls.

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