The Slow-Cooked Sentence


Rachael Conlin Levy


Chaja at the weekend soccer tournament. Photo by Dance in the Kitchen.

Like a ball on the soccer field, we caromed from home to field for five games this weekend.
After seven hours of soccer, kids’ eyes were glassy and crazed, and parents’ judgment failed: We rented “The Wiz.” But before we became punch-drunk from bouncing about town all weekend, here are a five things we learned:

  1. The driver digs RJD2’s song “Ghostwriter.”
  2. Girls run differently. Some are tough and solid as bears, some are so graceful they take my breath away. Some look fierce. Others as if they’re on the receiving end of that pain. But they’re all beautiful and strong on the field.
  3. Ponytails are wonderful to watch and photograph.
  4. $725 can buy cool uniforms, matching duffel bags and a coach with a British accent, but not a championship.
  5. Which makes our girl’s victory that much sweeter.


Video by Marcel Levy.
  1. A rebound following a collision; a bouncing off.
  2. A shot in billiards in which the cue ball successfully strikes two other balls on the table.

For another parent’s take on the soccer-soaked weekend, visit Earthy Crunchy.

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