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Beek or what I did on a good sky day

Rachael Conlin Levy

Good sky day

  1. To bask or warm in the sunshine or before a fireplace, stove or bonfire.
One son was running a fever and everyone was missing soccer, but my family hasn’t come close to filling the summer camping quota, so this was the weekend to go. But then the newspaper promised days of rain and we bailed because if there’s one lesson I’ve learned after four kids it’s this: Sick kid + soggy tent = sucky weekend.

But then Saturday arrived with a sky as beautiful as an abalone shell, creamy pinks, iridescent whites and feather blues, and by the time I finished my run and returned to a house, now smelling of coffee cake and bacon, the sun was shining.

There was only one thing to do: take my coffee to the front steps and beek the sun. After swigging the last of my cup, I invited the sun in for a visit and thought you might want to come too.

Or here
Sit here.
Sit here
Or here, the replacement for the couch that refused to fit through the front door (a bench better for practicing perfect posture that curling up with a book).
Look at the light

Look at this delicious light.more light

Rare shadows in the office lined with bookshelves.

After chores and the smallest son’s nap, we headed out for a hike, but in the 20 minutes it took to get there, clouds had rolled in, and by the time we hit the trail home, rain was falling.

That night, while cooking spaghetti and listening to National Public Radio, the local station cut in with the next day’s forecast: “And tomorrow’s weather is … wait for it … rain.”

Wet radio flyer


First lesson learned about living in Seattle: Seize the sunshine when it comes.

4 responses to “Beek or what I did on a good sky day”

  1. how do you find all these great words? I love your house! Love your little seat with that awesome fabric. Can I come over for tea? The kids are sick here too (well, except for Amelia).

  2. Andrea says:

    Lovely…looks like you've settled in and decorated nicely…love the bench and pillows and curtains (and the sunlight, of course!)

  3. I love a good sky. San Francisco certainly has its share of grey skies. I know what you mean about seizing the good stuff when we can.

  4. Rachael Levy says:

    Kyndale, I find many of my words through one of the many word-of-the-day sites out there. The one I'm using is

    Andrea, thanks for visiting!

    And thank you, Denise, for inspiring me to write about the rare blue sky.


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