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Rachael Conlin Levy

Courtesy of Marcel Levy. For notes on the animals, go to Chaja, Master Showgirl.

In the Nevada State Fair’s master showmanship competition, kids compete by showing every animal featured in the fair: rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens, dairy cow and steer, horses, swine, market and dairy goats, and, finally, sheep. The competition is open to the first-place winners in all the individual showmanship events.

My daughter, Chaja, took second in the rabbit competition, but with only two hours before the master showmanship, she discovered she had to step in for the first-place winner. She quickly learned how to show all the other animals, then she showed her stuff to the judges. The result?

A tyro turns champion.

1. beginner in learning; a novice.

3 responses to “Tyro”

  1. kyndale says:

    oh my gosh! Chaja, you're awesome!

  2. Louis says:

    Way to go Chaja!!!

  3. Kyna says:

    Wow that is so cool! It totally brings back memories for me, seeing Chaja in her 4-H uniform. Tell Chaja that Dagan is super impressed by all the animals she knows. 🙂

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