Slow-Cooked Sentences


Rachael Conlin Levy
Photo courtesy of Ana oMeLeTe

Catching a cold is one of the few things I can count on during the month of December. So while I sit on the couch with my cup of lemon-honey tea and box of tissue, I’m sending you elsewhere.

To chuckle: If You Give the Federal Government $700 Billion is a delightful parody of that insipid mouse-and-cookie book.

To change your habits: Polar bears aren’t the only ones feeling climate change according to the National Arbor Day Foundation’s New Garden Zone Map.

To chuck your Christmas cookie-making plans: The sweets in the comic strip Questionable Content are loaded with more than just chocolate chips.

To challenge President-Elect Obama to appoint a secretary of agriculture who will address our nation’s nutritional and environmental deficits, aka corn consumption, sign the petition sponsored by Food Democracy Now.

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One response to “Guaranteed”

  1. Kyna says:

    I rather like that mouse-and-cookie book.

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